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"This Congress will be a moment where local and regional leaders can exchange on their experiences on how they manage policy works at local level to include all global agendas at theirs political and action plans".

Frédéric Vallier, Secretary General of the Council of European Municipalities and Regions (CEMR).

"It's time to know the progress we have made in implementing the SDGs and it's very important to also include civil society organisations, citizens and other kind of stakeholders to learn more and exchange experiences"

Marlène Siméon, Director of Platforma

"The UCLG Congress is the preeminent local governments meeting. In this Summit, we have an opportunity to try to influence and strengthen the quality of the debate, because without empowered local governments and without a renewed multilevel governance we can't achieve the implementation of SDGs"

William Cobbet, Director of Cities Alliance.

  • UCLG Peace Prize finalist 2019: Santiago de Cali, Colombia
  • "When we speak about cities we speak about people" Rasikh Sagitov, Secretary General of UCLG Eurasia
  • "Every day is a #worldcityday at the home of local and regional governments in Barcelona"
  • UCLG Peace Prize finalist 2019: Bogotá, Colombia
  • "Ciudades, donde convivimos, trabajamos, disfrutamos, es el espacio compartido donde sucede la vida"
  • Short version of the UCLG Peace Prize: From Arms to Farms project in Kauswagan
  • Bernadia Irawati Tjandradewi
  • Roland Ries, Co-Président de CGLU et Maire de Strasbourg, célèbre avec nous le #WorldCitiesDay
  • "We celebrate #WorldCitiesDay to continue to inspire city leadership and its citizens"
  • "An urbanized world comes with challenges and opportunities" Jean Pierre Elong Mbassi
  • UCLG Peace Prize finalist 2019: Duhok, Iraq
  • UCLG Peace Prize
  • "To make the world a sustainable place for everybody to live in" SALGA #WorldCitiesDay
  • UCLG Peace Prize 2019 Finalists
  • UCLG Peace Prize: From Arms to Farms project in Kauswagan
  • Berry Vrbanovic, mayor of Kitchener, celebrates #WorldCitiesDay ‼️
  • UCLG Peace Prize finalist 2019: Arsal, Lebanon
  • UCLG Peace Prize 2018
  • Ada Colau, alcaldesa de Barcelona y co-presidenta de CGLU celebra #WorldCitiesDay con nosostros/as
  • Frédéric Vallier célèbre avec nous le #WorldCitiesDay
  • Evgenia Lodvigova, Vice-Mayor of Kazan is celebrating #WorldCitiesDay with UCLG‼️
  • UCLG Congress - Day 1 - Community of Practice on Local Finance
  • "Las ciudades son un actor relevante para el desarrollo social sostenible"- Paola Arjona, AL-LAS
  • UCLG Peace Prize finalist 2019: Manizales, Colombia
  • Mohamed Boudra, maire d'Al Hoceima, célèbre #WorldCitiesday!

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