Local peace iniatives at the UCLG World Congress

October 30, 2019


In two weeks the UCLG Congress will take place in Durban where we will announce the winner of the UCLG Peace Prize 2019. At the congress the UCLG Peace Prize will have its own learning session “Peace Initiatives: inspiration from the UCLG Peace Prize finalists”. This session will facilitate an exchange of the most innovative cases from the finalists of this year’s UCLG Peace Prize in order to stimulate others to follow suit. The consequences of any conflict that disrupts a culture of peace often manifest themselves on a local scale and as such local governments have an important role to play in situations of conflict, mainly acting as responders to the basic coexistence issues. The SDG also Agenda recognizes the link between peace and sustainable development, explicitly in SDG 16 on peaceful, just and inclusive societies.

The five UCLG Peace Prize finalists have been supported to make a short video in which they explain and promote their initiative. Below you can find an overview of the videos of the five finalists who will be present at the Congress. Together with the finalists, UCLGC Peace Prize partners, and experts we will have two panel discussions which focus on key peacebuilding challenges, the contribution of local governments, and a shared understanding of the pathways to peaceful and inclusive societies.

The UCLG Peace Prize award ceremony will take place during the plenary session on Intergenerational Dialogue for Peace and Solidarity on Friday 15th November 2019. For more information about the Congress, please visit the website of the Congress.

In the upcoming week we will provide you with more information of the finalists’ peace initatives as well as showcase their promotion videos.

Local peace iniatives at the UCLG World Congress
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