Hüsseyin Keskin

Hüsseyin Keskin
Mayor of Sultanbeyli District of Istanbul

Hüseyin Keskin was born in year 1972 in Erzincan. He has bachelor degree in Theology and master degree in management.  He began his political carrier in Turgut Reis Neighborhood administration of the Welfare Party (Refah Partisi) and continued as Sultanbeyli Founding Executive Board Member of Justice and Development Party (AK Parti) in 2002. During this term he carried out the duties of Chair of Public Relations, Chair of Organization and the Chair of Political and Legal Affairs. He was elected Sultanbeyli District Chair of Justice and Development Party in the congress held in 4 March 2006. He held this office until the next congress. He was elected Mayor of Sultanbeyli in 2009-2014 local elections. Nominated by Justice and Development Party for local elections in 31 March 2019, Hüseyin Keskin has been re-elected mayor gaining the majority of the district residents’ support. He is married and father to 4 children.    

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