Town Hall Track

Town Hall
13 November
Room 1 B


The Town Hall Track offers a space for all civil society stakeholders to co-create together the future of the municipal movement, recalling that only through stakeholder engagement and true multi-level dialogue will it be possible to transform the international governance system. Different constituencies will present and discuss policy papers with local and regional governments which should inspire our policy, advocacy, research and learning agendas in the coming years. Rest assured, Cities are listening.


Accessible & Inclusive Cities

Accessible and inclusive cities are integral in the respect of every citizen’s basic human rights. For this reason, this opportunity of co-creation builds a narrative around human rights and accessibility which is a precondition to being able to live in an independent and equitable manner. Recommendations will be given to local and regional governments within this context and will focus on the Global Compact on Inclusive and Accessible Cities and how local leadership can pave the way towards universal design.


Ms. Fatimetou Abdel Malick, President of Nouackchott Regional Council

Ms. Evgenia Lodvigova, Deputy Mayor of Kazan

Mr. Luca Bergamo, Deputy Mayor of Rome

Mr. Yousef Shawarbeh, Mayor of Amman


Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment

Sustainable development must be equitable and this can only occur if gender equality is achieved. Access to basic services and the total inclusion in decision-making processes are essential to democracy and to prosperous cities and local governments; everyone must be represented. This moment of co-creation will focus on the added efficiency and accountability that local governments receive when gender mainstreaming their policies.


Ms. Rohey Malick Lowe, Mayor of Banjul

Mr. Anders Knape, President of Swedish Association of Local and Regional Authorities (SALAR)

Mr. Silvia Baraldi, Councillor of Legnago

Ms. Fernanda Hassem, Mayor of Brasileia


Anders Knape

President of Swedish Association of Local and Regional Authorities (SALAR)